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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Devising is a collaborative process of making theatre. It's often highly physical, usually ensemble-created performance, and the creative process of devising is entirely different from how traditional theatre is done.

Traditionally, a theatre piece would be developed in writing by the playwright before anything else. The finished play would then be brought on stage by a director and actors. When you devise a show, there might be a draft script but that's not an essential element of the creation.

An ensemble of performers and creatives get together and devise the show through improvisation exercises and other techniques, such as clowning, freewriting, puppeteering, and experimenting with technology and multimedia. The form, style, and content of devised theatre varies from company to company and project to project. There’s no standard definition, and no right way to do it - you just need to get in a room and start playing.

We recommend that applicants to the London Devised Theatre Intensive have some professional experience of devising - or a strong background in theatre and a healthy dose of curiosity.

Lee Simpson, the co-Artistic Director of devising company Improbable, has our favourite way to put it: "I love devising theatre because you get to play with all the theatrical toys straightaway. It’s like using a very complicated piece of equipment without reading the instructions first."

What is Open Space?

The London Devised Theatre Intensive runs using Open Space, facilitated by Pinecone Performance Lab artistic director Amy Clare Tasker.

Open Space is a radically democratic and inclusive format for people to self-organise around any issue or idea that they're passionate about. Outside the world of theatre, Open Space has been used for a huge variety of meetings and events, and can be used for virtually any type of gathering where complex things need to be untangled and worked on.

Everyone participating has the opportunity to feed into to the creative process by naming and sharing what they want to work on and what is important to them, and ultimately share ownership of the project they are working on.

The core group of theatre makers in the Intensive will be limited to 10-14 people, so that you will will have time and space to work collaboratively and individually, in an open and supportive environment.

To learn more about how Open Space works, you can read this article written by Amy Clare Tasker, or this book by the creator of Open Space, Harrison Owen.

Pinecone Performance Lab's frequent collaborator Sharlit Deyzac says: "Open Space as a method for devising was exhilarating.We worked as an ensemble from day one and everyone's ideas were really heard and considered."

Is the LDTI
for me?

You may be an actor, performer, puppeteer, writer, designer, educator/practitioner, choreographer, composer. Or maybe you’re none of these and you define yourself as a multi-hyphenate 'theatre maker', constantly exploring different roles and skills.

We won't ask you to fit neatly into a box if that’s not you: as long as you are interested in devised theatre, and eager to share your knowledge, exchange ideas, and work collaboratively - we’d love to have you in the room.

We place a special emphasis on including artists of colour, D/deaf and disabled artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and working class artists. Devising offers a unique opportunity to bring your whole identity to the work you make, and liberate yourself from the narrow expectations you may face in the theatre field. This year, we have created a Fellowship to make LDTI more inclusive and set the stage for a more diverse devised theatre landscape. >> Find out more

If you are unsure if the programme is right for you, you can write to us or schedule a call with us: we can help you understand if this is the right step forward for your artistic practice.
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early applications are welcome. You can apply by 27 July to take advantage of the Early Bird offer. We particularly encourage international applicants to apply as early as possible.

Applications for the Ambassador and Fellowship places are due by 27 July.

There are three ways to apply. Whichever you choose, please start with our online form .

Answer questions in writing - this is the most common way to apply for anything and it allows you to take your time to answer questions and tweak the wording until you're fully satisfied.


Film a video of yourself answering a few questions - this is an alternative for those who are more comfortable with speaking than writing. (Video also allows us to get a good sense of who you are.)


Schedule a call - this option gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with one of us, tell us who you are and what you do, and ask questions about the programme. We won’t make a decision about your application on the phone, but we’ll follow up within a few days.

You should choose whatever method you feel is best for you; we are equally happy to receive applications in any of these three ways. Whichever you choose, please start with our online form.

How can I apply?

What should I expect from
the LDTI?

This programme offers a unique opportunity to explore new techniques, connect with new collaborators, and learn from our guest artists at the forefront of devised theatre in London.

It’s impossible to overstate the value of making these connections: when the work is created collaboratively, choosing your collaborators well is one of the most crucial parts of the process. Many devising companies are formed by small groups of artists who trained together at the same university or drama school. If you don’t find your collaborators this way, it can be extremely difficult to form a company and establish a shared devising method. The London Devised Theatre Intensive will foster new connections among theatre artists, which we hope will result in continued collaboration outside of the programme.

The Intensive has a strong professional development element: a group coaching session on the topic of ‘Define and Articulate Your Creative Work, on Your Terms’ with Laura Lundy of Blue Panther Productions, and a Happy Hour where you will have the chance to speak to London artistic directors and producers about your work and how to reach the next level as a theatre professional.

We will also arrange three theatre trips to see devised performances in London. Tickets for these shows are included in the price of the Intensive. Seeing devised work together will give us shared aesthetic reference points for making our work, allowing us to discuss what we want to see onstage and what we’d rather leave behind.

And don’t forget, we’ll spend over half of the time in the workshop making our own performances - you will get to perform/direct/write/design/create a new piece of theatre, and take home video documentation of your work.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day will start at 10:30am and finish at 5:30pm. In Open Space, each day begins with ‘Morning Announcements’ - a chance to check in with the group and share anything you need to share, whether it’s a new idea or a practical request. The morning session might be a peer practice exchange, or devising in Open Space. Lunch is between 1pm and 2pm. In the afternoon, we’ll return to devising in Open Space. On our three masterclass days, our guest artists will begin straight away after Morning Announcements and run through to the end of the day. As 5:30pm approaches, we’ll check out with ‘Evening News’ - a chance for sharing impressions from the day and intentions for the future.

On three nights of the programme, we will make our way to the theatre to see a performance by London’s top devising companies.

A detailed day-to-day schedule of the two weeks will be available closer to the start of the Intensive. In the meantime, you can read more here about what happened last year.

What is and isn't included in the programme?


  • Two weeks, Monday to Friday, in a light and airy rehearsal space in the heart of London, held in Open Space and facilitated by Pinecone artistic director Amy Clare Tasker.
  • Three full-day masterclasses with guest artists at the forefront of devised theatre in London.
  • A professional development coaching session with Blue Panther Productions’ Laura Lundy.
  • Peer practice exchange sessions, a chance to share your knowledge and learn from others.
  • Three theatre tickets to see devised performances in London.
  • A Happy Hour at a local pub with London artistic directors and producers on the final day of the Intensive.
  • Tea & coffee in the studio.

Not included:

  • Any travel or accommodation. This is not a residency programme; though we are unable to provide housing for theatre makers attending from outside of London, we will happily connect successful applicants for arranging shared accommodation.
  • Lunch and dinner

How do payments work?

If your application is successful, you will need to pay a £200 non-refundable deposit within two working days of acceptance, in order to confirm your place in the Intensive.

If you have a UK bank account, you will be able to process a BACS transfer to Pinecone Performance Lab. If you have an international account, you will be able to transfer the funds via TransferWise. You can contact us for more details on payment schedule and methods.

Can I try Open Space before I apply?

Yes! We are holding a two day Open Studio taster on 3 & 4 July 2018 at Theatre Deli’s studios in Broadgate, London. This will give you the opportunity to experience Open Space, meet us, and ask any questions you have about the London Devised Theatre Intensive.

The Open Studio is free to attend, but places are limited. Book a spot here.

What does it mean to apply for an Ambassador place?

Two Ambassador places are available at a reduced cost in exchange for documenting the Intensive through blog posts, photos, and video. You can see examples from our 2017 Ambassadors Anne Rene Brashier and Peyvand Sadeghian on our blog and Facebook page .

The ambassador places are intended for artists for whom the regular registration price is a barrier. We will not ask for proof of your financial situation; you are the best person to decide if you can afford to attend at the regular price or not. We expect the ambassador places will support artists who are earning no or low wages, supporting children or other family members, paying off student debts, or otherwise financially disadvantaged.

By applying for an ambassador place, you agree to take on an additional role during the course of the programme. Between them, the two ambassadors will document each day of the Intensive with writing, photos, and videos to be shared on our website and social media. Ambassadors agree to the unlimited publication of this material, with credit given to the authors, for the purpose of documenting and promoting the Intensive in this and future years.

Where can I find the details about the Fellowship?

Find out more here.

I have more questions!

No worries! Feel free to ask us anything.
Email Amy, Laura, and Susie at